What Should You Blog About, Part Two – What to Do When Your Niche Becomes Too Broad?

So what do you do when you find yourself too far removed from your original focus? That’s something that happened to me. Read on to find out how I fixed it.
I got into blogging because of my interest in self help. But then, I got very interested in Internet marketing, and the more I learned about it, the more I felt compelled to share that information.

At first, I justified it by thinking, hey, I’m writing about self help, and making more money is part of self help, isn’t it. Well, sort of. It depends on how you approach it.

If you’re wondering about what does and does not fit into your niche, you can always get a pretty good idea about that just from going to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders.

If you do self help, for example, and you’re thinking about talking about personal finance, just look at what books on personal finance you can find in the self help section. Not many, I would think. However, you might find books about how you have emotional issues about money that you need to sort out.

This means that yes, you CAN write about money, but it has to be in a certain way, or else it will turn off your audience. Unfortunately, I learned about that the hard way. I got really into the technical aspects of internet marketing and people were turned off. My numbers started really dropping off.

Luckily, I paid attention and figured out a solution.

I started a new blog that was more focused on internet marketing topics, and moved the interfering posts over to my new blog. I mentioned it to my readers and let them make up their own mind as to whether they wanted to go visit. Not many did.

Now, my self-help blog is thriving, while my web stuff blog is more than a bit neglected, both by me and my readers.

What’s the lesson for you? If you find yourself with too many things you write about, separate them out. You can always alert people to your other blogs. But keep the topics on any one blog at least reasonably focused. Instead of going all over the place, write about your main topic in more depth.

Occasionally, I do lose my focus a bit. When I was launching my blogging course, everybody on my list heard about it, repeatedly, and I posted several times on my self help blog too.

But eventually, I realized, oh my gosh, I have just written 3 or 4 or 5 blog posts about blogging and this is my self help blog. So I made sure I went back and posted a bunch of self help tips, and made sure they were good ones, and my readers forgave me and came right back.
Some of them actually joined my blogging course too.

The key is to make sure that the people who come over to read my self help blog would continue to have a reason to visit regularly and won’t think that I lost my direction. While I do take little detours every now and then, I’ll always make sure to come back quickly. And so should you.

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